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2085 Ch. de Georgeville,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
New on the market
2770 Rue Carrier,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
2312 Place du Village, app.324,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
200 Rue de l'Hermitage, app.36,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
263 Av. du Parc,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
217 Rue Lacroix,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
71 Rue Laurent,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
2197 Ch. Fortin,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
85 Ch. Southière,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)
Open House Sunday, October 28
84 Ch. des Myrtilles,<br/>Magog (Canton Magog)